What is a High-Dose BMAC Kit?

BMAC (Bone Marrow Aspirate Concentrate) is a type of regenerative medicine therapy that harnesses the body’s own healing abilities to promote the repair and regeneration of damaged tissues. It involves extracting bone marrow from a patient’s hip bone and processing it to concentrate and isolate the cells responsible for tissue regeneration, including mesenchymal stem cells, growth factors, and cytokines. These concentrated cells are then injected into the site of injury or damage, allowing for faster healing and tissue repair.

A High-Dose BMAC Kit is a standardized device kit that contains all the necessary tools and components to perform a high-dose BMAC procedure.

Platform for Standardized Autologous Blood Platelet Procedures








What Comes in the Kit


Syringes and Needles: These tools are used to extract and inject the concentrated cells into the site of injury or damage.


Biologically inert separating gel: This gel has a specific density designed to physically separate the plasma and mononuclear cell (MNC) fraction from other cellular elements present in the bone marrow. The MNC fraction produces mesenchymal stem cells (MSCs) essential for tissue regeneration.


Tubes: The kit typically includes tubes for collecting and transporting the bone marrow aspirate. These tubes are designed to prevent contamination of the sample and maintain its viability for processing.

Our kits also include detailed instructions for use and all necessary safety equipment.

Benefits of Providing High-Dose BMAC Procedures at Your Clinic
Consistency and Quality Control
Each kit is manufactured under strict quality control measures, ensuring consistency in the concentration and viability of cells extracted from the bone marrow aspirate. This allows for more reliable and effective treatment outcomes.
Standardized Procedure
The use of a standardized kit ensures that the BMAC procedure is performed in the same manner each time, reducing potential variations and errors.
Performing high-dose BMAC procedures in-house with a standardized kit eliminates the need to outsource, saving money on procedure costs and increasing revenue for your clinic.
Having all necessary tools and components in one kit makes it easier and more convenient for healthcare providers to perform high-dose BMAC procedures at their clinics.
Patient Satisfaction
High-dose BMAC therapy is a minimally invasive and natural treatment option that can provide substantial pain relief and improved function for patients with various orthopedic conditions. Offering this treatment option at your clinic can lead to higher patient satisfaction and retention.Ⓡ
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