What is a High-Dose Platelet Lysate Kit?

Platelet lysate is a solution that contains a high concentration of growth factors. It is derived from the patient’s own blood, making it an autologous treatment option. The addition of platelet lysate to PRP treatments has been shown to promote tissue regeneration and healing in various medical conditions, including musculoskeletal injuries, chronic wounds, and degenerative diseases.

A high-dose platelet lysate kit is a standardized device kit that enables healthcare providers to collect platelet lysate from patients in their clinic in a controlled and safe manner. These kits are designed explicitly for autologous use, meaning the patient’s own blood is used for the production of platelet lysate. Once collected, the blood is taken to a lab where it is concentrated and purified before being returned to the patient for treatment.

Platform for Standardized Autologous Blood Platelet Procedures








What Comes in the Kit?


Syringe: To draw blood from the patient.


Anticoagulant Solution: To prevent the blood from clotting during collection.


Sterile tubes: For proper storage of the collected blood.
Benefits of Providing High-Dose Platelet Lysate At Your Clinic
Convenience and Efficiency
The high-dose platelet lysate kit provides healthcare providers with a convenient and efficient way to offer autologous platelet lysate treatment to their patients. The standardized kit eliminates the need for multiple devices and equipment, reducing the risk of contamination or error.
Autologous Treatment Option
Using the patient's own blood eliminates the risk of disease transmission or rejection. This also eliminates the need for donor selection and compatibility testing, making it a safer treatment option.
The High-Dose Platelet Lysate Kit allows for in-house production of platelet lysate, saving both time and money compared to outsourcing. Additionally, using autologous blood reduces the cost associated with donor screening and testing.
Consistent Quality
The standardized kit ensures consistent quality and concentration of platelet lysate. This results in more predictable treatment outcomes for patients.
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