What’s Your Question?

What is regenerative medicine?

Regenerative medicine is the field of medicine dedicated to regenerating and restoring the patient in a proactive capacity rather than just treating symptoms.

Why is regenerative medicine a separate medical category?

Regenerative medicine utilizes several unique products and treatments designed specifically to restore function and regenerate tissues. Innovative cellular products and therapies are the hallmark of the regenerative field and have earned regenerative medicine a special category in the medical field.

What kind of physicians offer regenerative medicine treatment?

Most licensed physicians are legally allowed to offer regenerative medicine treatment; however, very few are trained in regenerative treatment modalities. Specialty medical offices are more likely offer regenerative therapies, such as orthopedic, podiatry, sports medicine, rheumatology, and many other specialty offices. Primary care offices could also offer regenerative treatment but rarely do.

How can I find regenerative medicine providers near me?

The best way to find regenerative medicine providers and options is to use regenproviders.com. You can search by treatment modality, medical category, or just look for what’s closest to you on our local maps system.

What type of regenerative treatment modality is used for each medical condition?

You can find a great deal of education and direction on treatment modalities in the patient resources page of regenproviders.com.

How much do regenerative treatments cost?

Prices can range from a few hundred dollars for simple treatments to tens of thousands of dollars for complicated long-term treatments. Most varieties of regenerative treatment are not covered by insurance and patients will be required to pay cash for these services, however some specific regenerative products, treatments, and uses are covered. Check with your regenerative medicine provider® to see any potential insurance coverage you might have for regenerative treatments. Just know that in most cases there is no insurance coverage and patients are expected to pay cash for these services.

Where do I learn the differences in treatment modalities?

In the Patient Resources page of regenproviders.com you will find information on the different treatment modalities of regenerative medicine.

What do stem cells do exactly?

Stem cell use in regenerative medicine is wide spread. The general idea is that stem cells will react to cellular signaling from damaged tissue and transition into a cell type, matching the need of the damaged tissue cells, and induce tissue healing as a result. The actual process is much more complicated and there is a great deal more to learn about the mechanisms of stem cells, but for now you can find greater detail and education on stem cells in the Patient Resources page of regenproviders.com.