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We are a globally connected social website that supports the cause of pro-choice for all women at the international level. We feel a woman’s choice and her decisions for her body are more important than any religious sentiments. We respect women’s decision of not choosing drudgery unlike any human being and our cause is also supported by a few researched topics and we do not stigmatize the women or her decision-making capabilities. To support this cause we have brought abortion pills online for all those women who believe in their decisions and wish to terminate pregnancy easily and safely. So now women can freely buy online abortion pill and birth control pills from

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  1. abortion pills

    “My experience was very calm and normal, 2 hours after I took the drugs I had light bleeding, felt like stooling and in the toilet I had just a clump of clot a size of a lemon and that was cramps at all and nopw am on my 5th day bleeding light like a normal menstruation”

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