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If your knee hurts when bending or standing, or if it makes noises like cracking, popping, or bone-on-bone grinding, you might be experiencing the signs of degenerative joint disease. The good news is that there are many ways to treat degenerative joint disease without going under the knife. At QC Kinetix (Murfreesboro), we offer non-surgical regenerative medicine treatments for joint pain to residents of Nashville and surrounding areas. Our biologic therapies are a perfect solution for anyone seeking alternatives to surgery for pain relief from their knee joints. If you’re looking for a knee replacement, knee surgery, hip surgery, hip replacement, or relief from shoulder pain, elbow pain, wrist pain, or Murfreesboro joint pain treatment—call QC Kinetix today to schedule a free consultation! We can help you get relief while avoiding surgery so that you can return to your normal life activities as quickly as possible—without having to take addictive prescription medications for pain! Call us.

Address: 1747 Medical Center Pkwy Suite 110, Murfreesboro, TN 37129

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