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Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center
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It is crucial to seek out treatment for the elderly to prevent other health complications resulting from a lack of ability to speak and swallow properly. At Cleveland Feeding & Swallowing Center, our therapists can provide you or your loved one professional care to improve their communication and swallowing ability. Our Lakewood, Ohio therapists are highly qualified, experienced professionals dedicated to helping people improve their quality of life by regaining their communication ability. This can be achieved by enhancing the individual’s quality of life and attaining their goals. We believe in starting each new patient with a thorough evaluation designed to address their present symptoms and identify the underlying cause. So if you are searching for a speech pathologist near me, we can help.

Behaviors in Feeding Issues:
refuses to eat
spits food out of mouth
gags or vomits
verbally says “no” to food
moves head away from spoon
refuses to open mouth
puts hands in front of mouth
throws food or utensils
gags before food is introduced
As many as 25% of children experience some type of feeding difficulty during infancy or early childhood. The incidence can be as high as 33% for children with developmental difficulties.

Our Services:
Speech Cognitive and swallowing therapy
Intensive Feeding Program in your own home
Home visits available
Working closely with GI (Gastroenterology Associates of Cleveland, Incorporated in Beachwood)
Consulting and Seminars


Address: 18626 Detroit Ave Suite A, Lakewood Ohio, 44107 USA

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