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Do you suffer from back pain and require therapy in Memphis, TN? Are you looking for regenerative medicine near me? If so, it’s time to get assistance. QC Kinetix (Primacy Pkwy) is here to stop your joint pain in its tracks and let you resume enjoying life. We are aware that many people may have severe joint discomfort. With this kind of pain, especially if it has been present for some time, it can be challenging to feel at ease in your own flesh. But we know the response. With the help of our biological therapies, your joints can heal naturally without surgery. Joint discomfort, knee, hip, and foot pain, as well as sports injuries, elbow, wrist, and foot pain, can all be relieved with our assistance. For anyone looking for alternatives to surgery for pain, our biological therapies are the ideal choice. We can assist you in finding relief without surgery so you can resume your daily activities as soon as possible.


6055 Primacy Pkwy, Suite 100, Memphis, TN, 38119

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