Mattos Institute

At Mattos Institute, we cover a wide array of diseases and injuries in which a patient’s cells or tissues are destroyed and must be replaced by new, responsive cells. Through stem cells, generating a brand new tissue in these cases and curing such maladies are possible even when there is currently no adequate therapy available.
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With aging and illness, our cells are torn and damaged daily. Although humans possess millions of living cells, significant cell damage would lead to tissue damage. If a part of the body needs repair and restoration, Regenerative therapy, with the use of stem cells, is a promising approach to repair diseased or defective tissues without surgery. Stem cells are considered as “blank” cells that have the ability to adapt and reproduce according to what they are needed for. They can grow as replacement tissues as they match a patient’s damaged bone, muscle, heart, lung, and even brain cells.

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4912 North Armenia Avenue
Tampa FL 33603 US
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