Here are just a few of the amazing benefits to partnering with Regenerative Medicine Providers®

Dedicated Listing Traffic

We put time, effort, and money into driving relevant targeted traffic directly to your listing. In fact, a portion of the listing fee is dedicated to making sure you get traffic on your listing and legitimate leads for your regenerative medicine practice. We don’t just wait for value to happen, we make it happen.

The Power of Collective Content

Regenerative Medicine Providers® is the most comprehensive collection of regenerative medicine information in existence. Patients have the ability to locate, research, compare, and select the ideal provider for their regenerative treatment, while providers have the ability to build a highly successful regenerative medicine practice and excel in the regenerative field using our extensive resources.

Patient Reviews

Collective patient content from thousands of patient reviews, experiences, and social media connections make the first and only stop for patients looking for regenerative treatments, as well as the most relevant site for search engines to direct traffic due to the high volume of quantity and quality regenerative medicine content.

Provider and Practice History

Patient experiences, history, and reviews can stay with a listing even if the provider move across the country. You have instant recognition of your skills and abilities anywhere you go worldwide. No other program or network offers this level of long-term value and continuity across all boarders and boundaries. Permanent locations and practices can collect a rich history of regenerative medicine experience which will attract new patients seeking regenerative therapies in their local areas, due to being the most powerful search engine tool in the regenerative medicine industry.

Events and Trainings operates the industry’s most comprehensive events calendar system. This allows you to register local patient education events hosted at your practice, or promote a nationwide or worldwide event or webinar for a much larger audience. In addition to events for patients you will find appropriate conferences, trainings, and education events for providers to grow and hone their regenerative medicine skills and practice.

Certified Regenerative Medicine Provider®Program

Members of Regenerative Medicine Providers® will have to option to become Certified Regenerative Medicine Providers® through our partnership training program. We have vetted out numerous regenerative medicine physician training programs and partnered with the industry’s best programs to provide quality physician training and education to advance the skills and abilities of providers offering regenerative medicine treatments. Our certification program grants providers the right to use, advertise, and otherwise market our trademarked Certified Regenerative Medicine Provider® mark and logo in their practice.

With the many perks that come along with being a Certified Regenerative Medicine Provider®, such as free listings and event subscriptions, the provider is able to command a distinct level of respect in the regenerative field among their peers, and a greater depth of confidence exhibited by their patient population by earning and maintaining their certification. For more information about our Certified Regenerative Medicine Provider® program and it’s many benefits please visit our certification page.

Discounted Regenerative Products

Regenerative Medicine Providers® uses its collective bargaining power to obtain significant discounts on regenerative products and services that would otherwise not be available to any individual provider or practice. The difference in product savings alone is often, and very easily, more than the cost of monthly membership on the site, making membership with Regenerative Medicine Providers® a must for any practice in the regenerative medicine field. In addition to discounted products, offers the latest and greatest in regenerative products and treatments available to practitioners, keeping you at the forefront of the industry while keeping ahead of the competition.

Exclusive Research and Information

Regenerative Medicine Providers® organizes and publishes unique research and industry information that keeps you ahead in the field. To conduct, join, follow, or submit regenerative research simply find our Research link on our home page.

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