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Most people experience knee pain from time to time. This is especially true for those who participate in sports, such as basketball and tennis, that involve a lot of jumping and running. While some knee pain is normal and expected, there are times when it becomes so severe that it interferes with your ability to participate in daily activities and enjoy your favorite hobbies. If you’re looking for a way to ditch painkillers or possibly avoid agonizing surgery, regenerative medicine may be the answer. Regenerative therapy leverages your body’s inborn ability to heal itself using thoroughly natural techniques. QC Kinetix (Johnson City) ranks among the leading professionals offering regenerative medicine in Johnson City, TN. Our minimally-invasive therapy focuses directly on your injury instead of general systemic treatment. Our techniques are 100% natural and enhance healing without the long recovery times of surgery. Looking for regenerative medicine near me? Every ounce of our biological ingredients gets to work immediately, allowing you to heal more effectively and more quickly than conventional treatments.

Adress: 3135 Peoples St, Suite 400, Johnson City, TN, 37604

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