How to unredeem an Amazon gift card
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How to unredeem an Amazon gift card
If you have received an amazon gift card as a present then you may hastily log on to Amazon and redeem your gift card without knowing what you want to buy.

You might then decide that you want unredeem the card and save it for a later date when there is something in particular that you want to buy.

In this article we are going to look at if ‘unredeeming’ an Amazon gift card is possible and how you go about doing it.

We’ll also consider some other key questions when it comes to Amazon gift cards, including how to use them and what to use them on.

Amazon Gift Card Balance

How to unredeem an Amazon gift card – step by step
First of all, unredeeming a gift card is a sketchy area. While you are able to transfer the gift card to another Amazon account you aren’t able to simply ‘unredeem’ it and get back the cash equivalent credited to your account.

Therefore, if you are looking to transfer your gift card to another account then read on, but if you were hoping for cashback then you may as well forget about it because that isn’t going to happen.

Additionally, getting an Amazon gift card transferred to another account once redeemed isn’t a straightforward task which can be done via Amazon’s site navigation but rather one that requires you to get in touch with Amazon directly for support.

How to unredeem an Amazon gift card


To get the ball rolling, please follow these steps:

Log on to your Amazon account on a web browser.
Check that your gift card has been redeemed and is active on that account by selecting your name on the top right hand of the screen and clicking ‘your gift card balance’.
If you have got a balance showing here but want it transferring to a different account then you need to visit this webpage and select ‘start chatting’.
From here, explain that you want unredeem your gift card/redirect it to a different account a member of the support team will arrange this for you.

How to redeem an Amazon gift card
Of course, to get to the point of wanting to ‘unredeem’ an Amazon gift card you will first need to redeem one.

If you are wondering how you redeem an Amazon gift card then please follow these steps:

Log on to your Amazon account.
Click your account name on the top right hand side of the screen and select ‘your gift card balance’.
Select ‘redeem a gift card’.
Enter the 14 or 15 digit gift card claim code – it will usually contain both letters and numbers. If you have a physical gift card then you will need to peel off the plastic coating on the back of the card to reveal code.
Select ‘apply to your balance’.
Though you may face some other redemption issues, redeeming a gift voucher with Amazon is usually pretty straightforward.


An alternative way to redeem
You can also redeem an Amazon gift card when it comes to purchasing items in your Amazon basket.

It doesn’t matter if your basket contents are worth more than your gift card either, your gift card allowance will simply just reduce the price of what you have to pay.

Additionally, if your basket contents are worth less than your gift card then the remaining balance will simply just stay in your account balance for future purchases.

In order to redeem an Amazon gift card this way, follow these steps:

Log on to Amazon via a web browser.
Search for any items that you want to buy and add them to your basket.
Select ‘buy now’ and then select ‘pay with’ to bring up a list of payment options.
Type in your gift card code in the box titled ‘Gift cards & promotional codes’ and select ‘add’.
Follow the remaining on-screen instructions to complete the order.

Amazon gift card issues
You may well encounter issues when it comes to applying and using an Amazon gift card, though generally their gift voucher service is quite reliable.

The following are some of the most common issues that customers face:

Applying the gift card balance to the wrong Amazon account. Follow the instructions listed above in relation to ‘unredeeming’ a gift card to get around this issue.
Trying to redeem a gift card more than once. This is the most common reason why people think their gift card isn’t working. Remember, once you’ve applied a gift card once you don’t need to do it again the next time you want to make a purchase because the remaining balance stays on your account.
An unreadable code. Please double check that you’ve entered all digits correctly but if the problem persists then get in touch with Amazon support who will be able to look at other ways to redeem your gift card including serial numbers.
You can contact Amazon customer service via the Amazon website if you’ve not managed to find a solution to unredeem Amazon gift cards.

Amazon Gift Card Balance

To conclude, unredeeming your gift card is a tricky task that can’t strictly be completed in the true sense of the word (ie you can’t get the money redeemed as cash).

However, you are able to re-apply the balance to a different account if you wish, and then you can send an Amazon gift card via email if you need to.

We hope the information on this page has cleared up some of the most common issues relating to Amazon gift card redemption.


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